New Year’s Resolutions: The Real Purpose

Every year on January 1, many people get out their favourite pens and write on a brand new page a list of goals they want to make for the next 12 months.

The items on this page usually look quite similar to previous years – eat healthy, exercise or spend more time with the family or significant other, work harder in school, etcetera. However how long does following this list last – a few weeks, 6 months, or if you’re really determined the whole year.

It’s the willpower that you hold on to that’ll make the difference to how your new year’s resolution will up hold in your life. So why is it so difficult to stick with these resolutions? Often, people say it is the lack of time. How important is every minute, every hour of your day? Do you treasure each moment, or race by it like a bolt of lightning and never see it again? Even when you think about the moments that pass you, do you care for those you actually love? Or is everyone in your life simply a person who completes their purpose in your life and moves on their own? It’ll be towards the journey of being with yourself, your own person, and away from anyone who might touch your heart.

It’s often said that those you love stay closest to you in the most difficult times. Furthermore, January is considered one of the most depressing months for many people. You’ve been given the chance to be with your family for Christmas and then after all the gifts and lavish events are dealt with, all the dreaded bills come. And it is at that time individuals who do not have their families often crave even more to be with those who care for them. There may be no more holidays in January, but there is one thing that every January brings to each and every individual – and that is HOPE.

HOPE appears with every new calendar at the stroke of midnight, and the first breath of air that you feel once you step out of the threshold of your front door.

It’s the new start that you get, a chance to change the new and continue with the success of the previous year. Once a year, each of us is given a clean slate to start with; the spark of light only seen in the darkness. It brings the present full of sweetness and the future full of love. A time and place where love and hope merge together to form a new bond with our soul ready to be a fresh new path.

Remember your new year’s resolutions aren’t about what you can immediately acquire, it’s what you are ready to work for in the months ahead. The plan you make for yourself is your choice and this is your year, your path, so make it count, and make the difference you want to be remembered for. This is simply the beginning…

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