Passion: Where has it disappeared?

In a world where being tangible is more common than checking your Facebook status, many people have forgotten the importance of doing what you love. The work ethic may be evident, of course in a diplomatic way, but in your heart passion creates what you want to become.

It seems that as the days go on, society’s view is ever so changing. There’s no way to make a difference and burst into a ray of sunshine when you stumble upon what you enjoy the most. On average, we spend more time working, whether at the workplace or from home eventually blurring the line of work-life balance. Not only is there a decrease in a balanced lifestyle with your family, but with yourself.

Where has that divide gone? Where you could drop everything you were doing and start what you love the most, without worrying about the pressures of work? Whether it was a new painting, music, sport, hobbies, anything that made the adrenaline in your veins race to the edge of this earth. Nowadays, in a generation where tablets and smartphones are being used before setting foot in preschool, has there been a loss of imagination? It’s a place where the inevitable could occur without worrying about boundaries or even what others think about them. Testing the pictures on a bare wall, just releasing your inner energy on the dance floor, or singing your heart out. The modern world has taken imagination out of the house and replaced it with innovation. Children are not engaging in enough stimulated activities they are in fact relying more on the Google Effect where the answers to everything are at the tips of your fingers.

This year, step back from the constant focus of technology and get a change in your immediate environment. Look at those around you, strike up a conversation with your neighbor, call up an old friend, go for a walk, or just enjoy the outdoors. Remember what you love to do will always be in your heart and how you react to it is in your mind.

The important aspects of your life may just be a step away.

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