Next Generation

There are several stresses and obstacles that an individual faces as a student. Reaching out to those around you is an important part of building a community and circle. You do not realize the impact local locations or resources have upon you when you are in the middle of a stressful semester. However, you do need to check out some healthy ways to make a positive difference in your life. Take the time to look around you and face the unknown fears.

The semester is busy – YOU ARE BUSY!

Just remember some ways to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed. All you need to do is start with a few simple steps:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Get enough Sleep
  • Exercise
    • Find ways to be physically active. Walkthrough your neighborhood, to your classes, to get groceries, or go for a walk with your friends instead of sitting in a lounge.

Take a tour of a local shopping center or village on campus. Take a look at nature as the season changes. The rays beam upon each person bringing light to their world. Hold onto those around you. Take a stroll, let your mind wander and be true to you.

Let yourself take the chances, even pick up a book from your local store and dive into another world. Graze along the sides of where people go through their daily life. What’s stopping you? Today is your day! Take chances and pave the pathways for your dreams – you never know where the next door will open for you. Bring a friend with you and walk into a place that matters and make a difference. Maybe even try something new?

Walking into a new location and making those utmost differences for your mind and for your body. Where do these changes need to be? Maybe it’s just a new location that opened in your neighborhood or on campus. Make like count and more importantly, make yourself count.

What truly is the Next Generation? What defines being called something that’s new and trendy? As millennials we are always looking for something new and classy – where can we find that when people are left in an environment where they are either available within walking distance or are simply too remote and vehicles are not an option.

A trendy new boutique helps those who are looking for scientific advice and items that are longlasting and clinically proven to make a difference in their lives.

A modern and fresh look changes the way we manage our options and the way we shop. Our daily essentials are all dependent on our needs. Needs are often determined when we enter a location. We enter for the need and we stay for the experience. Read the passages throughout the glass fixtures that gaze back at us waiting for a response. What makes this different?

I walked into something new and fresh, an area that hugged me and welcomed me to stay. Information glanced back up at me and I found ways to decipher what I was looking at; a round table discussion, a place for conversations to take place, a safe place to learn and be heard. A merging line between what consumers look for in cosmetics and what a patient looks for in pharmacies. Consultations launch into a new routine, a change that would treat the regiments in your life. A fresh new innovation arises and a chance to try something new.

I would definitely recommend this new approach to those of you living in the UBC Point Grey area. Check out the Shoppers Drug Mart New Next Generation Boutique at UBC (5968 Webber Lane Vancouver, BC) in Wesbrook Village.

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