Next Generation

There are several stresses and obstacles that an individual faces as a student. Reaching out to those around you is an important part of building a community and circle. You do not realize the impact local locations or resources have upon you when you are in the middle of a stressful semester. However, you doContinue reading “Next Generation”

Passion: Where has it disappeared?

In a world where being tangible is more common than checking your Facebook status, many people have forgotten the importance of doing what you love. The work ethic may be evident, of course in a diplomatic way, but in your heart passion creates what you want to become. It seems that as the days goContinue reading “Passion: Where has it disappeared?”

Connection: What Brings the Heart at Bay?

The human touch is one of the most important connections in the world. It’s what the deaf can hear, the blind can see, the heart can feel, and the hand can hold. The first connection you truly feel is in the neonatal stage and that is of your mother. A baby realizes the importance ofContinue reading “Connection: What Brings the Heart at Bay?”

New Year’s Resolutions: The Real Purpose

Every year on January 1, many people get out their favourite pens and write on a brand new page a list of goals they want to make for the next 12 months. The items on this page usually look quite similar to previous years – eat healthy, exercise or spend more time with the familyContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutions: The Real Purpose”